Kollaborationspartner IAH Deutschland

IAH is a scientific and educational organisation with over 3800 members in 135 countries. We welcome all who support our objectives to join our Association.


IAH's mission is to further the understanding, wise use and protection of groundwater resources throughout the world.


IAH will be the leading international society for the science and practice of hydrogeology and will be a globally recognized information source and facilitator for the transfer of groundwater knowledge. By 2020, we will serve over 5,000 members. We will raise awareness of groundwater issues and work with National and International Agencies to promote the use of groundwater to ensure ready access to safe drinking water. IAH will also promote the protection of aquifers against pollution, the improvement of aquifer storage and the management of groundwater resources to assure the sustainability of groundwater-dependent ecosystems.

Visit us at https://germany.iah.org/.